Volunteers Helping Volunteers

Nokesville Vol Fire and Rescue had 2 fire engines that had reached their end of life after providing 15 years of service to the community. The 2 engines were replaced earlier this year with new 2019 E-One fire engines. Knowing that they deserved a nice retirement home a search was conducted and with the help of Prince William County Career firefighter Lt. Richards we were able to open up a line of communications with Drakes Branch Vol Fire Dept., Drakes Branch VA. We learned that in Oct 2018 this area was devastated by flooding. The volunteers lost their fire station and much of their equipment in the flood.

Working through the process we were able to donate our 2 fire engines to them. They plan on keeping one engine as their primary engine and using the other engine as a parts donor. After 15 years, since being built, it is impossible to locate replacement parts from the manufacturer.

We are honored to help such a great group of volunteer firefighters who are so dedicated to their community.

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