April 2024

Arbor Day

While Arbor Day celebrates the importance of trees and encourages planting and caring for them, it’s also essential to keep your home clear of trees to mitigate fire risks and ensure safety. Here are some tips for managing trees around your home: It is important to maintain defensible space. Create defensible space around your home

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We Are Having Twins!

This past week, the Apparatus Committee traveled to Ocala, Florida, for the final inspection of our two new twin fire trucks at the E-One factory. The final inspection is a long and tedious process to ensure the fire trucks are built to our specifications. Nokesville Volunteers, our primary mechanic, and a member of the Fire

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Microwave Safety

Watch the video below, filmed in partnership with Goochland Fire-Rescue and share the tips below about microwave safety. The convenience of the microwave makes it a valuable tool in the kitchen for cooking, reheating, and saving time during meal preparation. Microwave fire safety is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure the safe operation of the

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