Nokesville Recognized at the FRS Medal Day Ceremony

The Prince William County Fire & Rescue System held a Medal Day Ceremony to recognize members for their merits while on and off duty. Nokesville was proud to have five members who received awards. Some members were recognized for two awards. Below are the details of their awards.

Congratulations to all those who were recognized!

Unit Citation Award

Ambulance 525 (Nokesville VFD):

William Jacobs

Anna Gudinas

Mary Rose

Mark Engman

Medic 525 (DFR):

Lieutenant Adam Shannon

Technician I Troy Smith

Engine 525 (DFR):

Lieutenant Tom Trochan

Technician II Ross Massey

Technician II Chris Garcia-Lazo

At 00:43 in the morning of March 31, 2023, E525M, M525, and A525 were called for an adult male in cardiac arrest. The patient was known to personnel as a member of Nokesville Volunteer Fire Department.  On arrival, personnel confirmed that the patient was pulseless, and the engine and medic crews began immediate high-performance CPR. The patient was defibrillated seven times, and multiple rounds of IV medications were administered as the crews worked to restore a pulse. Resuscitation efforts continued as the patient was transported to the hospital. Volunteer crew members provided support for the patient’s wife and brought her separately to the hospital. As the patient was transferred over to ER staff, he experienced a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) with a palpable pulse. The patient was later found to have experienced a complete blockage of a coronary artery and was hospitalized for eleven days. The patient walked out of the hospital with no lingering deficits and returned home to complete his recovery.

Lifesaving Award

Ambulance 525B (Nokesville VFD):

Mark Engman

Bradley Frizzle

William Jacobs

Medic 525 (DFR):

Technician II John Mory

Technician II Lance Cornell

Technician I Jose Rodriguez

Engine 525M (DFR):

Lieutenant Matt Eckert

Lieutenant Jemeel Brady

Technician II Jeffrey McCoy

Technician I Davi Ramos-Allen

Units were dispatched for an injury that was upgraded to a CPR.  This was a patient with life threatening injuries sustained from self-inflicted stab wounds to the chest.  The patient received prompt BLS/ALS care and was resuscitated on-scene.  Following resuscitation, the patient was flown out to Fairfax Hospital.  After two days, EMS Operations received a commendation letter from the staff at INOVA Fairfax stating what a great job the crews had done.  The patient made a complete recovery and was discharged from the hospital neurologically intact.  This is an incredibly rare event to have a traumatic cardiac arrest save.

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