Stay Safe When Using Fireplaces and Wood Stoves as Temperatures Drop

Winter is in full swing, and staying warm is essential as the temperatures drop. The Virginia Department of Fire Programs partnered with New Kent Fire-Rescue to showcase best practices when using a fireplace or wood stove to stay warm.

Stay safe and warm by following and sharing the tips in the video and below:

  • Maintain a clear zone of at least 3 feet from the fireplace or wood stove.
  • Do not burn paper in your fireplace or wood stove as paper burns very quickly and can float up the chimney and possibly ignite.
  • Use a glass or metal screen in front of the fireplace to help prevent embers or sparks from jumping out.
  • Be sure to put the fire out before you go to sleep or leave your home.
  • Put spent ashes in a metal container with a lid, outside at least 10 feet from your home.
  • Finally, have your chimney inspected and cleaned each year by a professional.
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