Rescue Chief Kim Shrewsbury Steps Down, Judi Miller Promoted

At the NVFD Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, Kim Shrewsbury officially stepped down as Rescue Chief after faithfully serving 15 years in the position. Kim joined the Department in April 2004 and rose quickly through the ranks. As Rescue Chief, Kim tirelessly supported NVFD’s EMS crews, responding to EMS calls at all hours of the day. We commend her for her leadership, and we thank her for her dedication and commitment to the Department and the community. While Kim has officially stepped down, she remains an active operational member of the Department, so please be sure to thank her for her service when you see her!

With Kim’s transition, Chief Conway has promoted EMS Captain Judi Miller to Rescue Chief. Rescue Chief Miller joined the Department in December 2008 and has worked closely with Kim ever since to train NVFD’s EMS providers and maintain the Department’s EMS operations. We congratulate Judi on her promotion and thank her for her continued contributions and dedication to the Department!

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