Fire Is Fast, Be Prepared

Are you aware that you could have less than 2 minutes to escape a house fire?

Today’s homes burn faster than ever. You may have as little as 2 minutes or less to safely escape a home fire from the time a smoke alarm sounds. Your ability to get out of a home fire depends on early warning (a smoke alarm), advance planning (knowing two ways out), and knowing what to do if your escape routes are blocked or if you have a disability.

Close the Door!

A closed door in any residence, high rise apartment or condominium, can be an effective barrier against deadly levels of heat, smoke, flames, and carbon monoxide. There can be a 900-degree Fahrenheit temperature difference between a room with an open door and one with a closed door.

If you can’t get out:

  • Close the door
  • Cover vents and cracks around the door with cloth, clothes, towels, drapes or tape to keep smoke out
  • Call 9-1-1 and say where you are located within the building
  • Signal for help at the window with a flashlight or light-colored cloth
  • Remain near the window for fresh air

Watch Sparky the Fire Dog explain the importance of knowing two ways out.

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